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Do you need an engine to power your Asia based business? Since 2007, Shadstone has been assisting Western businesses in the complex and dynamic Asia business market. Partnering with our specialized team, we become equity partners and work on the same level to make a win-win Asia business strategy and expansion. Our network of sales and development partners throughout the Asia region, combined with our internal team of experts throughout China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia you will be hard pressed to find a better local partner for your Asia business growth.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Internet Marketing

At the heart of Shadstone is its passion for the leverage of online marketing. The majority of our businesses were built and scaled using content marketing and regular engagement with our online communities.

Web Development

Having a strong product is the heart of any business. Our developers work alongside your business executives to ensure that the best piece of software is made to rock the market in Asia. Balancing skill with localization is critical in winning.

Community Engagement

If you don’t know your customer, you don’t have a business. Our network of community leaders throughout Asia will ensure that you are making a product and localizing your business in a smart way. Tap into a group of passionate people.

  • Internet Marketing

    Let’s build a long term asset. By partnering up with Shadstone, you will tap into our wealth of knowledge on leveraging internet marketing to grow your business, both in Asia and around the globe.

    Stop wasting time fumbling around with old blog platforms and spread across useless social sites, partner with our experts to maximize your ROI.

    We have skilled content writers, social media marketers, and growth hackers who want to take your business to scale.

  • Product Development

    Our product managers and developers love to create. Not a C2C (Copy To China) strategy either, we are here in Asia to tap into the budding creative resources that has been budding.

    Creating a complete specification document is the blueprint, and our product management team will sit along side you to build this priceless asset for our project.

    Leveraging agile development best practices, you will see consistent development that can iterate on the fly as the market develops - which is does, especially in the Asia market..

I got 99 Problemsbut going global 'aint one

  • Global From Asia

    Podcast, blog, & full service marketplace to help you base your international business via Asia.

    Cross Border Summit

    Conference for international e-commerce and business executives to learn & network.

    Para Living Inc

    Product line of goods for home and lifestyle, For Living.

  • China Business Cast

    Podcast for business owners who want to learn from the front lines of business owners in China.

    Unipro Consulting

    Unipro is a full service agency in Hong Kong providing incorporation, company secretary, accounting services and more!

    Shenzhen Team

    Shenzhen Team is the first coworking and community platform in Shenzhen, China.

  • Scale By Outsourcing

    Scale By Outsourcing is a full program to help you find, manage, and scale your online team.

    Free SEO Tools

    Free SEO Tools: portfolio of over 50 Internet marketing tools

    Gram Searching

    Gram Searching is an Instagram Search and Analytics Tool.

We're a team that adores what we do

  • Team


    The creative mind, blogger who has a vision to give everyone who has a creative mind an opportunity.


    Wendy Michelini

    The business brains behind the operation. Wendy has ten years in mobile app marketplaces in China.



    The executive assistant in the company, Mindy knows the ins and outs of the various projects.

  • Team


    Our content producer, Sheryl keeps up on all our various properties web marketing and content production.



    Our content manager, she is heading up our podcast, blog, and videos.



    The guy to go to for engaging our community - he is also a great editor and details dude.


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