Shadstone Updates June 30, 2019

What a week!

Mike was mentioned in a Bloomberg article on the effects the trade war is having on Amazon sellers and has been getting more and more interest from people who want to start to look to buy from factories in Thailand (as they re-consider China).

It is a changing time in Asia and the rest of the world. At our media site- Global From Asia – we have been talking about HK protests, about the trade war, and the rules in Amazon getting harder.

This has made us hear from many more factories in China who want to sell direct on Amazon. We feel this is because they are nervous they will lose their B2B clients that are looking to buy in India or Southeast Asia. Therefore, they feel the pressure more now than ever to go direct to Amazon, direct to consumer, in order to keep their turnover.

At the same time, we are seeing more people contact us to buy from Southeast Asia.

This is creating 2 things here at Shadstone

* Increase in inquiries from Chinese factories wanting to do Factory to Consumer (F2C) and needing training and consulting help from us

* Increase in overseas sellers looking to hedge their supply chain and ask us for help in finding a new factory in Thailand / outside of China.

Interesting times indeed. The cross border business world – and our world here at Shadstone- is changing fast.

If you’re looking to get training and consulting to sell direct on Amazon (seeing a huge spike in demand from factories in China), or you’re looking to find new suppliers (such as in Thailand) – we would love to hear from you!

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