Shadstone Investments Updates June 10 2019

What are some of the updates happening at Shadstone’s network of companies? Today we will give a brief update of some highlights:

Sisitano (Para Living Inc) – Mike is in China visiting factories and clarifying all the requirements for the moka pot and other product lines. More listings will be created for Amazon and also some new marketing initiatives started once these listings are online. But we really believe focusing on the product first, marketing second, is the way to win the long term game.

Content Investments – becoming more of a focus here – we realize our community is asking for creative and content help, and our team is specialized in content creation – a perfect match. More client outreach here and interesting feedback with deals in the works for next week. From Amazon listings to blog posts to podcast creation, we are pushing forward.

Cross Border Summit / GFA community – People are asking and curious about the status of Cross Border Summit in Guangzhou – and currently it is open for members only. We will open to non members soon, stay tuned.

Unipro – we need to in touch with more clients on options for their banking. Seems there are more online banking options that can help SMEs with Hong Kong Banks and we want to help.

Question for You

In the management book I’m reading now (Getting your business to work) it says do weekly training for the team. Do you want that? Shold it be live on zoom? Should I record it? Actually I feel the SOPs are like training right?

What topics would you like training on?

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