Our Investment in Para Living Inc Has Been Acquired By Alpha Rock Capital

Approximately on its second year anniversary, Para Living Inc has been fully acquired by Alpha Rock Capital, a holdings investment company for Amazon FBA and online businesses. 

The main brand of Para Living Inc has been Sisitano, for moka pots and other coffee accessories. The deal has been on the table for a while as there is interest in Alpha Rock Capital to expand its exposure to Amazon FBA businesses in its rollup strategy. 

Part of the deal had our managing partner, Mike Michelini, join as Director of Business Development at Alpha Rock Capital holdings. He will be responsible for the content creation and adding more deal flow to the holdings company. 

All parties are satisfied with the deal and we are excited to have had an exit for Para Living. It started in the living room of Meir Simhi in July 2019 with a discussion and brainstorm between Meir and Mike and has gone from idea to product to exit. 

Sisitano will have a bright future as one of the brands in the portfolio in Alpha Rock Capital.


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