Celebration for our investment company: Global From Asia

GFA, our media division at Shadstone, has a triple whammy this week and we are spotlighting that here on the Shadstone investments blog.

It is celebrating three milestones:

Turning six years old – the domain was registered back in 2013 in October and now we just renewed the domain for another year, going into its seventh year in existence. It has helped so many business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the complex world of Hong Kong, China, and Asia business over the years.

Fourth conference – Cross Border Summit – CBS is the annual conference for the GFA community. It will be kicking off this Tuesday Oct 22 in Guangzhou and celebrating its fourth time.

Fourth book – Mike Michelini has completed the book EcommerceGladiator.com which is a recap of the 2+ years of launching an Amazon FBA business to sale. Will be giving attendees of the conference printed autographed copies as well as launching on Amazon’s Kindle platform. 

GFA is our cornerstone investment. Becoming an authority site in Asia business, we have enjoyed creating and sharing with the world. 

Celebrate with us – while it is too late to join the Cross Border Summit, we are excited you can enjoy the fourth book Mike has written – Ecommerce Gladiator. 

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