Upgrade To Our Brand Image here at Shadstone

Quick update, but we have updated our homepage at https://www.shadstone.com to be more modern and simple. As we have been making more alliances and deals – Shadstone is becoming less of a shadow and a bit more public.

Our founder Mike never even made a website for the Shadstone company for many years – it was always a shadow that was powering the brands and businesses of it. 

But as we make more deals and get more searched for, our website becomes more important. Jasper on the team helped us update the header a bit on our various Shadstone division websites (Investments and Consulting) and we are cleaning up our image as we become more visible.

Can you believe this company was first founded in 2007 and just recently built out a site in 2018? It was just because we care about our investments and brand websites first. 

But now it is time to come out and be more of a public, less of a shadow.

Thanks for being part of the ride.

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