Week Updates At Shadstone Limited November 4

Let’s have our weekly round up of what is happening in the network of companies at Shadstone Limited:


At Global From Asia Community:


Early Stage Discussions For Building an Association


In the Global From Asia community, after having an amazing Cross Border Matchmaker in Shenzhen China last week – attendees are discussing within the community to establish an association for the industry. We are brainstorming the name, mission and vision, board of directors, and other essential foundation parts before discussing much more publicly. If you’re interested to get involved, reach out to the GFA community team.


Brainstorming Event Calendar for 2019

Can you believe the year is almost over. We are discussing with our local partners in various cities on the frequency of events. Cross Border Summit 2019 is building up steam for March 6 to 8 in Cartagena with more speakers confirming and interest building.



Filing To Become A Registered Agent in Seychelles

Many clients are contacting us to open a company in Seychelles – and Ray and the team are filing the documents necessary in order to do so. This is just another option of many as Unipro Consulting expands from “just” Hong Kong company registration to other jurisdictions such as Mainland China, Thailand, and more.


Shadstone Consulting:

From the GFA partners program some of those clients are interested in more content marketing services and web design. This is fitting in nicely with what we can offer at our consulting division. There are discussions now on servicing those partners with more full service agency.


Thailand office developments – we have shared on the Shadstone blog about the Thailand expansion. We are still gathering data on the cost and feasibility of it. There are investors interested in setting up a studio for content creation for e-commerce and online marketing.


Para Living Inc

Sales are growing steadily at 5k/mo now top line. We just re-ordered moka pots from the factory in China and hope they ship before Chinese New year. This is the issue the long lead time! Also will have a partner call early next week on how to push this business along faster.


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