Building Out a More Developed Wechat Business Development and Marketing Team

Business in China is done on Wechat. Shadstone is still very closely engrained in China business and the community. With our recent strategic alliance with Trustrade business network, Global From Asia and Trustrade have formed Business Networking Extravaganza.

This will be a recurring event in various cities in China and Asia where expats and locals alike can join in the fun of a fast paced presentation and then speed intros and deeper discussion format.

Based on the alliance, our role at Global From Asia (an asset of Shadstone) is to assist with the Wechat coordination and marketing content (posters, etc).

This is a skill we are developing here and growing out more people on the team to assist with and manage. 

Just another example of how Shadstone can be the shadow and stone of your growing business. We are excited to grow the Business Networking Extravaganza alliance across China and then Asia!

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