Check Our President’s Personal NOW Page Video Series

Mike is a Derek Sivers fan, and has been implementing the Now page on his personal blog for quite some years now. 

It is a good way for friends and colleagues to be able to know where he is that coming week, and what the focus on business is.

This week, he is upgrading it to be a video update as well as the normal bullet point text format.

It is an evolution of his vlog (video blog) that slowed down after reviewing the ROI and point of it.

How will the weekly Mike’s Blog Now Video work?

Similar to the bullet points of what is happening, it will simply be converted to video format with Mike doing a voiceover – some “talking head” and then images to display what he is actually talking about as each point is discussed.

This way – for all the rage in video today – you can check his weekly NOW video updates – each Monday of the week by heading over to – with a dedicated URL post for each week’s update, that you can link to directly if you want to share with friends or colleagues.

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