Offering Our Talented Content Team Out As a Service: Upgrade to Content Investments

For over a year now, we have had a service called Content Investments that was primarily for writing text blogs and articles. It got interest, and people used the service – but writing generic blog posts is not what Shadstone’s team is about.

We have been leveraging our talented content creation team to build up an empire – Global From Asia – which we started in 2013. Starting as a podcast, it has grown to a blog, and video series, as well as plenty of events and membership programs.

On top of the media content, with our investment in an Amazon business – Para Living Inc – we have further developed our content creation team to make content for physical products to sell on Amazon FBA and ecommerce in general.

The biggest asset we have built here at Shadstone Limited is our amazing content creation team. Friends and business associates in our community have said it time and time again.

Finally – we are packaging this up and offering it out as a service for those who want to tap into our strength.

Over the summer we will be revamping Content Investments to be more than generic blog posts and articles and instead focused more on multimedia content for media and e-commerce businesses.

Picture these kinds of packages:

Amazon listing basic – text, images, maybe even a video (we really believe, and love, doing video for ecommerce)

Podcast creation – our network is always asking for our help making a podcast for them, that belongs in the Content Investments family of services.

High quality graphic design – infographics, event posters, and more.

Why the name Content Investments?

We believe making good content is a long term investment. It isn’t about short term churning out of content, but instead of thinking about the long term value and traffic you will be building for website, business, and brand.


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