About Shadstone Limited


Put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, first and foremost, to fin the best solution.


Doing the right thing for the long term will always win over short term gains.


Assembling the best people in their line of work to help clients break through barriers.

What We Do

We form long term business alliances with companies to help them grow their sales and leads while also streamlining their business processes (CRM). With decades of experience, we take the long term investment approach when dealing with new clients.

Our Skills


Meet Our Management Team



The creative mind, blogger who has a vision to give everyone who has a creative mind an opportunity.



The business brains behind the operation. Wendy has ten years in mobile app marketplaces in China.



Jelena Lucic is a Managing Consultant for Asia of epi Consulting, a company dealing with Sustainable Supply Chain solutions from the UK. Jelena has been involved in sustainability and manufacturing projects for over 14 years with Top 100 global tech companies.

Our Amazing Team of Creators

Team is our most valuable asset.

Here’s the current lineup as of July 3, 2019

In alphabetical order:

Agnes – our new freelancer writer helping with contentinvestments.com and other articles we need.

Alankar – our graphic designer helping with product photos but also with GFA when needed.

Alvin – our amazing audio / video editor for videos and podcasts and product shoots.

April – our GFA Media and Events business dev and sales lead to help close bigger clients.

Ara – our Amazon FBA ecommerce manager – overseeing the Sisitano brand and future brands.

Arslan – freelancer web designer/ developer. Helped us rebuild newyorkbarstore.com and waiting for new website projects.

Ged – graphic designer helping with GFA media and events posters as well as packaging and backing up Alankar on product photos.

Hau – IT team. our wordpress and PHP member for many sites.

Jasper – IT team. our WordPress security expert. Helping with PHP too for portal.shadstone.com helped setup empire when we got spam attacked at globalfromasia.com so we can better oversee all our sites.

LJ – creative director – managing editor of GFA Media, blogging / content.

Lyka – GFA TV video co-host – she has been on a few of our youtube videos.

Mark Anthony – our lead generation for GFA reviews / client services person helping with all the massive incoming email for GFA and various investment projects we get.

Our friendly business development guru. Mark enjoys helping people get to the next level.

Mindy – our PM and HR and a bit of bookkeeping too – Mindy has been with us since like 2013/2014 and helps keep projects moving smoothly in the portal and slack.

The executive assistant in the company, Mindy knows the ins and outs of the various projects.

Sheryl – Content Posting for GFA podcasts/ blogs.

Our content producer, Sheryl keeps up on all our various properties web marketing and content production.

Talha – our research associate for Amazon products and other type of deep research when needed.

How about you? Our team is always looking for capable, independent working members, check the details below on how to apply!

Partner Company: Unipro Consulting Limited

Unipro Consulting Limited
You can watch a video overview of this company with Ray and I here – https://uniprohk.com/about/

Shadstone / Global From Asia is a partner of the company and sends as many leads/customers as we can from GFA media.

Maredith – Sales / business development manager – she really helps keep everything smooth.

Ray – the founder and licensed CPA of the firm.

Tammy – client services and working closely with Meredith.

Hong Kong Office

Shadstone Limited
87-105 Chatham Road South
Fourth Floor, Room 9
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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