Sticking With Our Hong Kong Company Structure

As tensions rise in Hong Kong, we support local businesses and corporate governance. We at Shadstone are heavily invested in Hong Kong over the years, with our corporate headquarters there since 2008. We re-organized the company from a Florida corporation (established in 2007) to HK and have enjoyed the multi-currency banking, the ease to do business with Mainland China, as well as Southeast Asia, and in these troubled times, as sticking with HK as our main headquarters to do business.

We also are an equity holder of Unipro Consulting Limited which is focused on building HK businesses for clients around the world. Many clients are still happy with their HK corporate structure but of course concerned about the recent HK unrest and the future of their banking and financial relationships in the SAR (special administrative region).

Our podcast, Global From Asia, also started out as a HK business focused podcast – but has since diversified as a cross-border ecommerce and business podcast. 

While we do know many are re-structuring their companies to Singapore (a big winner from this chaos in Hong Kong), we are sticking to our current position.

Of course it is up to  your own risk tolerance. We do not see banking defaults coming and we are confident our banking will still operate as normal and stability will be reinstated soon.

Our hearts go out to the HK people. It has been a rough four months and we hope all parties can find a win-win outcome.


(Image Source: Leo Weese)

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