Shadstone Updates March 27, 2019

We are back blogging! Shadstone is actively looking for consulting clients in internet marketing, content creation, lead generation, and other backend services. We can work with you on a retainer basis where we track the hours, you can log in to our Shadstone portal to see the progress, download invoices, and talk to your account rep.


If you’re interested in a trustworthy and skilled partner for your B2B growth – – review our skills and services at and then click the button to send us a request for proposal today!


Our latest projects:


Filing Trademark Amazon FBA sellers – Amazon is “eating the world”. And the best way to grow with Amazon is by playing the long term game of branding and value. So we have talked to other sellers and are growing our business’s assets with US trademarks, even Chinese trademarks.


Setting up more podcasts – building a brand is about building content. Our team has experience doing lead generation outreach to find podcast guests for your show. By creating and growing a podcast around your brand’s industry (keyword/market) you will be recognized as a go-to source for your products!


Creating whiteboard videos – the last month we have been experimenting and learning how to make whiteboard videos. You know – those ones with a hand that draw a doodle and convince you while educating you. It has shown very effectively and we are open to making these for clients (we like to call them partners).


Website building for brands – Again, it is about building an asset. At Sisitano we have gotten some buy out interest, and it is because it is a valuable asset. We are building more websites for Amazon and product brands and enjoy creating value in the ecosystem.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s get aligned – check out our list of services and reach out today at

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