Shadstone Limited Continues Its Focus into Servicing E-commerce Businesses

Early stage news is we have acquired an older e-commerce asset we once were a partner of. There is a lot of opportunity in building off-Amazon traffic now and we believe that by building a network of e-commerce websites with multiple-channel traffic it can be a tool to fuel brand growth.

In a way, we feel the internet and the world is going back to 10 years earlier. More and more Amazon FBA sellers are seriously considering going multi-channel, and the need of not just a third party website, but distribution and traffic, will become even more and more important.

Shadstone prides itself in the knowledge and team that helps drive these off-Amazon assets. As our network has shown, having diversification now is much more valuable than ever before.

We also have been making cross-consulting collaborations with people in training services in China and other parts of Asia. In addition to doing the service, having the team to train corporate businesses is a perfect way to round out the company. If you’re more interested in training and implementation help, let our client services success manager know.


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