Adding Wholesale Distribution to Amazon FBA Brands

A letter to our clients.

A big theme from many of our clients lately has been to get help building their off Amazon sales. Normally people say that entails creating a website, blog content, and social media presence.

But one part that many do not realize is the big money and true distribution is in traditional B2B.

What is B2B? Forgot, or maybe you are too young to even remember?

B2B is Business to Business. That means you build up relationships with other companies who then take your product and sell to their customer (“C”).

Here at Shadstone we have worked closely with our own projects as well as clients to help build up a distribution channel in the B2B space.

Currently we have invested in our first e-commerce retail property – New York Bar Store. This was launched in 2005 as a way to get “off eBay”. The founders were selling on eBay since 2004, and wanted to get sales on their own retail store. With Google adwords (0.01 bids for the win!) as well as down and dirty grinding with link exchanges and link directories-  New York Bar Store built itself up as a source for bar products.

But not just the “B2C” world of selling to homes with their basement bars.

We had a lot of exposure to selling to bars, restaurants, and bartending schools.

Later we opened a drop ship program, a wholesale program, and affiliate program.

That is what we call B2B.

Now that Shadstone has invested back in New York Bar Store – we are opening it up to other Amazon FBA brands who want to get B2B distribution outside of the Amazon world. We can list your brand (so long as it is relevant) on New York Bar Store – and our wholesale sales team can offer your product line to our wholesale buyers and distributors.

Sounds great right? Want to get started?

Reach out to Shadstone Business Consulting today and let’s discuss how we can build up your off Amazon FBA distribution channels.

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