Learning and Implementing a New Way To Create Content

After the various conferences the last few weeks, there is a lot to implement. One new strategy is the IUC – Infinite Upcycle. It is a strategy to not only “create more content” – but to systematically brainstorming as many topic ideas as possible and then scoring them to see which topics will have the most impact with the least amount of competition (relevant to the demand).

The first step is to list out as many topic ideas – relevant to your blog of course – that you can. There are no wrong answers. Just list them out – do not think about keywords, search volume, competition, etc.

It is suggested to do this in a big room with your team for a brainstorming session. The best would be to have customer service, sales, and others dealing with the users to brainstorm ideas they are hearing often from the users and clients.

Once the list is ready, the person who will calculate the scores comes into play. It is estimated each topic will take five to ten minutes to calculate the score – as it is going to various SEO tools to see how much search volume there is, the competition, and here is the big one – to determine if we can do a better piece of content than the top result in that search result page.

If we can’t do better, then this whole system is not worth doing.

We also want to invest in making nice graphics – using quotations from the article and trying to stand out. 

I like the idea that you make a three month content schedule – from the highest scoring topics. Another good point is to finish writing AND editing two weeks before the article will go live so that the graphics and social media marketing team can prepare their materials and marketing strategy for the article.

They suggest 1 article a week, as this will take a lot of resources. 

As the team at Shadstone implements this, we need to evaluate the various blogs we are overseeing and decide how to adapt. Some we may need to do less blogs / podcasts / videos and others 

As the year 2019 wraps up, this is a new strategy we hope to test out and fully implement into 2020.

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