A New Book Coming From Our Publishing Division

The Shadstone holdings is wide and vast – but always focused on the creative part of business.

In our book publishing department – Life is Short Do It Now – there is a new book that is in its final chapter – Ecommerce Gladiator!

As we mentioned in previous updates – Sisitano was acquired by Alpha Rock Capital – and we feel that is the final chapter in the mini-series we had at Global From Asia titled – Ecommerce Gladiator.

Over the 2 years Sisitano has been developed, so much valuable insights and perspectives are ready to share. 

With a release date of October 2019 – just in time for the Cross Border Summit event on Oct 22 – we hope to have the first edition of this book – a mix of a business journey as well as learning and tips for those reading – to be released.


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