The Rise of “Mini” Marketplaces

Over the last few weeks talking to clients and partners, we have seen a trend coming for mini marketplaces.

What is a mini marketplace?
We just picked the word “mini” – to mean a micro-Amazon. A vertical marketplace could be another name.

While Amazon and other mass marketplaces are definitely growing and destroying traditional retail chains, we still believe there is opportunity for focused vertical marketplaces to grow.

For example pick a niche like toys – while Toys R Us is under re-organization – if they had spent more time becoming a marketplace themselves – instead of listing all their content on Amazon and thus giving that data to Amazon – they would be a very powerful online e-commerce retailer in the toy vertical.

But as any major shift in an industry, the current leaders always have trouble adopting to new trends and must get shaken up by startups.

This is a massive opportunity for those who have experience in e-commerce and online marketing to come up and grow to a new level.

We at Shadstone are in discussions to create some massive mini marketplaces, and there seems to be quite a great opportunity.

Why wouldn’t someone just buy on Amazon?
Because people like a custom experience in their vertical. They want to be educated, they want the UX (user experience), and generally the complete online experience to be catered to their market’s feel.

We hope you are excited as we are – and like anything – opportunities come and go – the chance to make a mini marketplace is limited and would love to see you onboard!


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