Merging of Content Creation – For Ecommerce + Online Media

Here at Shadstone – we were an ecommerce and sourcing operation from 2007 to 2012. Then in 2013 we made a move to be more of a holding company and online media company (with Global From Asia podcast).

To be fully transparent – Mike and the advisors were tired of having huge investments in inventory by being an ecommerce seller. After all those years selling online, the interest was in the SEO – the content creation, the driving of traffic and conversion. Thus the separation from the ecommerce and logistics part and more onto the information marketing and online media.

But in 2019 – Shadstone Limited is agressivley back in doing the ecommerce ourselves. From 2017 until early 2019, we were a passive investor in Para Living Inc, an FBA seller incorporated in Delaware. Using the Global From Asia podcast to gather the funds and the operator – we leveraged our online media and community to get things rolling.

But over the years, operators came and go.

Yet Shadstone realized, the process of creating a product listing on Amazon or a Shopping cart is very similar to the process of creating a podcast or blog post.

Shadstone’s main asset is its amazing team of content creators and artists. With a full team of writers, editors of audio/video/graphics, content posting experts, client services, we can leverage this team to not only make podcasts, blogs, and vlogs / video reviews – but also add in a few new product listings each week.

And that is what the team at Shadstone has been aggressively doing. We are still delivering the amazing podcast (although have reduced some other media content) – but now allocating time and resources towards making an amazing team and process for creating Amazon product listings and other ecommerce marketplaces.

On top of that – with our team based in the hot Southeast Asia ecommerce marketplace, we are signing up for and selling on Lazada through our distributors and partners.

We feel this is a trend many people online will face.

The merging of media and commerce (e-commerce if online). In the past, you had media companies and you had product (commerce) sites. The media was good at the content and the traffic, and the product sites good at receiving the orders , and delivering a quality product on time.

Nowadays these 2 companies will need to merge. Or one will need to compete with the other.

You need to be responsible to build your own traffic, and sell your own products. If you don’t do both, soon you will have competitors who do. And then you will be in serious trouble.

The team at Shadstone has realized this, and is working aggressively to take its online marketing and media network to apply it towards selling physical products online that is has an equity stake in.

Interested in having Shadstone partner with your ecommerce company to take it to new heights? Check out our Shadstone Investments division to learn more and apply. 

We are not your normal outsourcing company – we want to be your long term equity partner. This is the future of commerce, and if you’d want to make a long term deal with us, let’s start the conversation today.

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