Marketplace Growth and Listing Optimization

Do you want to take your e-commerce marketplace sales to the next level? Amazon is the king of ecommerce for today’s era and the team at Shadstone is ready to work closely with you on maximizing this sales channel.

We work on a bespoke model to fit the brand’s specific needs, but our list of services in marketplace consulting includes:

Market and Keyword Research
We believe all brands should do extensive research of what is already on the marketplaces and what is working. Let’s not re-invent the wheel – doing proper market and keyword research before is ideal. Yet many of our clients approach us after they have listed on Amazon and not done the proper analysis.

Have no fear!

The Shadstone team can help those already on the Amazon marketplace to find the right opportunities and improve their current listings with this research and analysis.

We will provide a report that gives you deeper insights of where you stand in the Amazon marketplace amongst your competitors. Once you have this report, we have a baseline to work from.

Product Listing Optimization Report
Marketplaces are essentially listings – and this is your number one chance to convert those visitors to sales. As the competition picks up, so does your pressure and demands to have the most modern and optimized listing on the Amazon marketplace.

Our team at Shadstone will evaluate your current Amazon listings and give you a report of what is working and what isn’t. This report can then be used to be improved in your current team or our experts can take care of the listing updates for you.

We can also work in multiple languages for European marketplaces with partners in our network.

Training And Guidance
Many of the brands we work with want to have their own team understand how to list and optimize on Amazon themselves. We believe this is perfectly normal and support this with our on-site training and guidance package. We can come to your company’s office and give a full training presentation tailored to your brand’s needs.

This is not just a standard powerpoint presentation, this will be a custom presentation based on the previous work Shadstone has done with your team and Amazon listings as well as all the insights we have gained.

Leverage the work, analysis, and expertise of Shadstone as you have your internal team save time and headaches learning it from the ground up.