Leveling Up The Business With Ecommerce Gladiator

Our founder is releasing his fourth book this month – EcommerceGladiator.com/book and each time there is a book, there is new developments made.

The business has really moved forward on the e-commerce / Amazon FBA the past few years and this book puts all of that together. It is a mix of the story of starting an Amazon FBA business with partners and recruiting on our podcast and blog Global From Asia, combined with tips and strategies on how you can do it yourself too.

This book – is more than a book – it is planned to become an audio book, it is also a great way to let readers know about selling their Amazon FBA business to Alpha Rock Capital, and it is also a course that is in the making.

What we have learned from these books is – the book is the cornerstone, the foundation. From the book, courses can be made, audio books, coaching programs, and new businesses. Also of course can introduce the many companies (such as Alpha Rock Capital) to the audience and create business opportunities for all involved. 

If you’d like to hear what the last couple years have been like in building an Amazon FBA company – all the way to sale – check out the EcommerceGladiator.com/book today! 

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