Building Leaders Here at Shadstone Consulting

A lot of things happening – right smack dab in the middle of the summertime. While it is hot and sweaty and most are on vacation somewhere – Shadstone is building a true leadership culture.

Earlier this year we re-invented the way we do things, allowing all our team to be flexible time and schedule – focused instead of hours clocked and more on results delivered.

Sure, we do need to have systems in place to track resources (time and money) – and we actually invested heavily in new IT systems to track our team and work better.

The Shadstone portal (our clients may be familiar with it – ) has been a blessing. We are using this to manage over 10 people on the team and a wide range of product lines and services – from e-commerce to media. 

Our new systems and management style has been called Shadstone 2.0, and with close to four months of the systems in place I believe we are truly finding leaders and managers to take our projects to new heights.

Yet at the same time others on the team have not adopted to the culture and the systems. But that is just not the way Shadstone 2.0 can work – anyone on our team must invest time and discipline to use these tools in order to work on  these flexible hours and remotely.

Building a team is probably one of the hardest things to do, it takes months and years of learning about each other, who is skilled at which type of work – and the emotional intelligence (EQ) to know which person is the best suited to handle an incoming task.

While we can’t pop the champagne yet – we do believe Shadstone 2.0 has re-invented itself in the correct way and the numbers and happiness score in the team show it.

Cheers to new and amazing things to come in all kinds of amazing  projects within the e-commerce and media space of Asia and cross-border business. 

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