[Case Study] – Taking a Developer’s Hobby Into a Business, Wp2Static

Our founder’s long time friend, Leon Stafford, is a talented developer and world traveler. Spent a lot of time working on projects together in cross border e-commerce and online marketing while both in Hong Kong and China, they kept in touch for many years afterwards.

Leon turned a common request from clients into a plugin – how to make WordPress sites “static” so that they would not need to be maintained all the time (updating plugins, core updates, theme updates, etc). Anyone using WordPress knows the importance of constantly updating the plugins and all the other add-ons to avoid vulnerabilities and getting hacked. 

He called this site wp2static.com and it has been growing organically over the years while he was also programming and doing other tasks (working at a bookstore in Australia for example).

Wanting to take the plugin to a full-on business, he remembered Mike and Shadstone. Over the course of 2019 various updates and discussions were made and a deal done – Shadstone would help take the operations off Leon’s plate so he could focus on what he wanted to do – building version 7 of the system. 

Shadstone’s customer service and operations team reviewed the incoming email requests, support forum queries, and understood the business flow to make the operations run smoothly without interfering w/ Leon’s code time anymore.

This is the classic example of a hobby that gets stuck as it isn’t treated as a business. With Leon working with Shadstone and the team’s skillsets, he can focus on what he loves to do – programming – and the business is maintained and grown in the mean time.

Shadstone is extremely excited to help wp2static release its new version and get the business to the next level.

If you’re interested in converting your WordPress to Static html – look no further and check out wp2static.com

If you’re interested in making a long term strategic partnership like this, Shadstone is here for you  contact us today.



www.mikesblog.com/now (I do this every week too – if you’re curious can check this)  

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