Developing Leadership at The Shadstone Group of Companies

Summer may normally be a slow time for businesses -but things are moving fast and furious here at Shadstone Limited. And no, we’re not talking about race cars – we’re talking about people.

People are the core of any business, and for 4 or 5 years the company has invested in making a complete and extensive handbook to empower the team to work online and any time.

Now that we have this “bible” we are also working on developing leaders and management inside of the team.

It is too early to formally announce who and what to the Shadstone blog audience – but the message is clear to the team and to our clients and partners – we are building future leaders.

Because we are invested in various types of businesses – from consulting to events and media to physical product ecommerce sales and marketing – we need experts and leaders who are incentivized and aligned with the growth of that business division.

As the founder (and often blamed as micromanager) I love to create. And learn. And build.

But the team has often told me I need to let go.

I feel more and more confident about it – as the SOPs / handbook / systems / tools / team has grown over the years – we have that ability now.

Clients, partners, and those who are considering getting involved in our ecosystem, reading today’s blog should make you excited. The goal is to make a company and a culture that is bigger than “Mike”.

And it isn’t about outsourcing or contracting work here. We – from working with clients (normally as a partner) to our team (not external outsourced staff – but our team – which we want to turn into partners / leaders now) – are working to align all of this to be an X-men team of superheroes who can accomplish anything.

That is a big thing to say, but I love our team, and I love the projects and investments we have. Let’s continue to force me / Mike to let go – and empower our amazing and talented team to take the reins.

Fast and Furious summer here at Shadstone Limited. We hope to recruit even more leaders and entrepreneur minded people to come on board and lead.

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