Becoming Experts in Custom Proposals and Business Deals

Here at Shadstone, we have a diverse portfolio of website assets and it has always been an ongoing process to oversee and manage different types of projects (basically – multiple businesses) with the tools and systems and team.

We knew that by having a capable, open minded team, with good systems in place, amazing things would happen – and they are!

Shadstone prides itself in the ability to make custom proposals for clients or our strategic investments, and then be able to manage those independently. This flexibility allows us to utilize our team’s strengths and also allow our team’s preference to work online at flexible times. 

Let’s take an example. We are working with our investment Sisitano. This is an Amazon FBA / ecommerce company for coffee accessories, and Shadstone is a shareholder and the main operator of the account. We have our amazing team helping with major parts of the business from the Amazon seller central operations to the video, text, image creation, and the product development and growth. 

We love it – and we have systems in place to create custom tasks and projects that can measure the resources we are using and create valuable insights and reports for our investments. This allows us to know where to focus on and what to cut back on. It also allows us to know what gaps we have in the process and the business overall.

Systems set us free, as we say.

So if you are looking for a strategic parter to help with your back office operations and business strategic growth – a Shadow that is the Stone you can rely on – you know who to reach – Shadstone!

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