CRM Systems

Looking to streamline your operations with a CRM – client relations management system?

Many feel there isn’t a “one sized fits all” solution for their business- but there often is.

Let Shadstone work closely with you and your team to evaluate your needs and determine the best custom CRM solution for your business and workflow.

How does Shadstone’s CRM Setup Process Solution Work?
We are all about building something for a long term, win-win solution for all parties. So that means before we install anything on a server, even write a proposal – we first get to know the company and the situation.

This is done with our client evaluation team, and we will discuss with you and your management – as well as your team – to find all the workflows, processes, and bottlenecks in your company.

Once we have done a full evaluation, we will issue all our research and findings to you. This will help you identify in your business what is working, and what should be streamlined better.

You can take this report and do the fixes and optimization yourself, or you can continue to work with us in the implementation phase.

##CRM Implementation Workflow Process
After you and your executive team reviews the process evaluation report – you can give us your feedback. If you are on the same page and ready to move forward, we ask you confirm the proposal and let’s move to the implementation phase.

The time and expertise required will be on a case by case basis. You will have a client success manager on your frequently contacted list so any questions, problems, or just feedback in general you can go to him or her.

This will be at least a three month process, as we dive deep into your business workflow and processes.

##Training and Integration
Once our Shadstone specialists have completed the analysis and implementation, the big day will arrive.

It is time to launch the new CRM system!

We want to make this a big day for you, your management, owners, and team – as well as customers. Because it is! Celebrate this day as a new day to take your business and workflow to new heights.

It is important everyone in your company has acknowledged, understood, and signed off on the new system and procedures. This way we can make sure that everyone is using it – as if even one person is skipping it, the rest of the team will also be setback.

We will provide sign-off agreement templates for you to customize and use – and will work alongside you to ensure the system is moving along smoothly. Training, education, and team buy-in and commitment is the focus in this phase – and this is what Shadstone enjoys the most!

Systems will set us free, and the whole company should rejoice in that phrase.