Working on More “Bit Sized” Content News and Updates

Over the recent weeks, a lot of new strategies and marketing concepts have been presented to us. One of the more interesting ideas is to make shorter form video and audio content. This allows the user to find us by searching a specific question and then being able to get the answer right away.

What we have learned is that podcasts are now feeding into Google search engine results. That means when someone searches a specific question on the internet, if your short form content has a specific question with a specific answer, it will be found.

As the internet gets more and more users and higher and higher amount of content – hyper focused content seems to be the future. Imagine the podcast or video you make being able to feed right into a top search result in Google.

We see this as the future, as people are looking for quick answers to questions – on mobile – even with audio search – an audio or video “answer” (short form piece of content) will be what they are looking for – and what the search engines give them.

Here at Shadstone, we will be working to implement more short form content into our various web properties for ourselves and our network of partners.


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