Making The Most from China Business Development Trip

Here at Shadstone, Asia business development is critical to the continued success of our team and clients. We often tell those we work with to take that trip to China and make face to face contacts.

While it is important everywhere in the world, it is like night and day in China. Chatting in email, Skype, even Wechat – yes you can get your words across – but until you invest in that plane ticket and meeting, you are easily replaceable.

In 2007 when Shadstone was just getting started, we noticed the same. Talking to factories and other China business contacts – they didn’t take us serious in chat on Skype while in USA. We needed to have our executive team visiting them in China, and we were “real” and “serious”.

This is what is needed to be done, not just once, but as a regular upkeep of your business development resources in China and other parts of Asia.

Here at Shadstone, we have represented our clients by being their China and Asia partner. We understand both Easy and West culture and perspectives so that we can be that key point in the discussion to get you to a new heights in the relationship.

Some tips is to have an agenda when you (or Shadstone) goes to the meeting for you. Don’t put all your cards on the table, but have discussion points with your negotiation points. And the critical point is the followup. Summarize what happened, and put it in writing. Make an action plan and next steps.


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