Balancing Sales and Operations In a Team

Here at Shadstone, our skill and strength has been operations. We have built the culture around having good system and tools in place in order to get the job done – on time and in good quality.

Yet this has made the team very strong – and lopsided – on operations. Our systematic approach to content creation through Google sheet, our internal CRM system, templates – has gotten us to achieve quite a bit. 

But operations alone will not bring home the bacon, so to say. While word of mouth has helped get our clients this far, we have to grow to a new level in our business and that means building a sales team. 

We have had various sales reps in the company come and go, for various reasons. Many times they feel we are too strong and strict on the operations side, not giving them the flexibility they need to get deals. We are working towards balancing the requests – in flexibility – in the sales team – while also keeping our amazing systems in place and moving smoothly.

Today I do not have the answer. I just know many companies have these issue of balancing different teams and different personalities.

First is being aware. And talking about it. And then finding a solution. We are getting there, and I believe we have the right people in the right place, it is just a matter of balancing operations and sales.

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